Terms and Conditions Departure from Cala Gonone

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General conditions of carriage

  1. Procedures before departure:
    All passengers are required to shown up with booking code at the ticket office of Nuovo Consorzio Trasporti Marittimi (NCTM) in Cala Gonone as latest 30 minutes before departure. They get a copy of the boarding pass and the name of the boat, which will take them on tour. 15 minutes before departure we start with boarding.
  2. Appearance at boarding:
    If clients don’t appear right in time before boarding, they CAN’T get a refund of the ticket price.
  3. Departures:
    All departure times will be confirmed on board. Listen to the order s of the captain or hear the loudspeaker news of the crew. I case of doubt ask the crew, before leaving the boat. Only the captain got the right to make changes to program and / or time schedule in reason of changing maritime weather conditions or technical and operational requirements.
  4. Cancellation:
    The NCTM is authorized, based on the law Nr. 1084 of 12th December 1977, to cancel the tours, also short time before departure, without paying any refund.
  5. Cancellation made by clients:
    If the client cancel the tour, maximum 24 hours prior to departure, the NCTM refund the complete ticket price. Except there exist no other particularly or individual arrangement .
  6. Refunds:
    The NCTM transfer all refunds of ticket prices to the bank account of which the client has paid.
  7. Sea Trips and Explorations:
    All sea trips, explorations and the time of residence on the beaches and bays are optional and dependent of sea condition and the weather forecast. Exclusive the captain decides which program is possible. Defective Tours in reason of force majeure or technical problems authorized NOT to refund the ticket price from NCTM.
  8. Hazardous Goods:
    Without exception it is FORBIDDEN to bring any hazardous goods, not important in which consistence or kind they are, on board. All kinds of weapons and spearguns are NOT ALLOWED.
  9. General conditions for publicity:
    The general conditions for publicity and promotion you can find on the website of NCTM. (www.calagononecrociere.it)
  10. With the acquirement of ticket the client accept without invariably the general conditions of NCTM, which are written here.
  11. If any points or rules are missing here, the general laws of Italy and the international sea laws are valid.