Our history

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A past of commitment and passion…

Since the 1950’s, connections to the Grotta del Bue Marino were guaranteed by our members’ ancestors, who, during the summer, modified their small fishing boats adapting them to the transport of the first tourists.

The Maritime Transport Consortium was born in 1985, from the lucky union between these fishermen from Ponza island, who knew very well how to face the sea, and some Dorgali entrepreneurs who years earlier had already glimpsed the touristic value of the Cala Gonone South Coast

… for a present of professionality and excellence

During the years this collaborative spirit has been consolidated, proving to be a winning choice. Today the N.C.T.M. is made up by 8 companies operating in maritime passenger transportation field..

The union, - in addition to increasing the professionality and now i more than thirty years of experience of the members, allows us to give you an increasingly efficient and diversified service – with departures from the most important ports of the Sardinia east-coast, allowing them to reach the most evocative beaches and caves in the Orosei Gulf.

Today we have a 12 units fleet , with our "Imperatrice" flagship", driven by an expert and professional crew, able to satisfy every need and every customer..
Our new entry, the Galana motorboat , allows you to have lunch on board, by reservation.