New Maritime Transport Consortium

The most beautiful cruises in the Orosei Gulf, from over 30 years.

The Consortium

Today N.M.T.C groups 7 companies operating in maritime passenger transportation field. We give to our customers an increasingly efficient and diversified service, with departures from the most important ports of the Sardinia east-coast, allowing them to reach the most evocative beaches and caves in the Orosei Gulf.

The Fleet

We have a 12 units fleet, owned by associates, with a capacity range that goes from 60 to 350 passengers; we also collaborate with other companies operating in the field of sea excursions and environmental education.

Our experience and our love for the sea for a high-quality service

The Imperatrice motorboat, flagship of our fleet, for high comfort cruises.
A large and versatile fleet of boats, to discover even the most remote corners of the Gulf of Orosei.